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Seeka’s business is founded on being an integrated kiwifruit orcharding and post-harvest company. Our strategy is to build on our kiwifruit foundation and extend our business into other produce sectors complementing our core competencies. Avocados have been included in our business and kiwiberry was added in 2014. Our vision is to be New Zealand’s Premier Produce Company. Also in 2014, Seeka added Glassfields and formed its retail services division. Our vision and strategy may have Seeka extending its geographical boundaries, or executing acquisitions or alliance opportunities in areas that profitably complement our existing capabilities.

KIWIFRUIT orcharding and post harvest services

Seeka’s orcharding business manages more than 800 hectares of kiwifruit and avocado orchards through managed, leased and long-term lease arrangements with orchard owners. Operations extend from the East Cape though the Bay of Plenty and Coromandel to Northland, and cover all varieties of kiwifruit. Our orcharding operations are delivered through a network of orchard managers and principle contractors that network through the regions.

Seeka’s post harvest business harvests, packs and coolstores approximately 20m trays of kiwifruit and avocados each season through a network of packing and coolstore facilities located through the Bay of Plenty, Coromandel and Northland. Inventory management and logistics teams coordinate the loadout of fruit to ensure it arrives to the consumer in premium condition with minimal on-shore loss.

In achieving optimal performance and understanding, Seeka operates advanced inventory management systems with its knowledge base underpinned by its own laboratory operation (VLS) that provides information on fruit maturity and quality. This lab’s competency has extended to include real-time PCR technology to detect and determine plant and animal pathogens.

Seeka’s business includes the management of Seeka Growers Limited, the grower-controlled entity that manages and distributes Seeka-supplying grower funds through a separate legal company. Seeka Growers Limited is independently audited and provides growers with clear separation of their monies from the commercial operations of Seeka Kiwifruit Industries Limited.

retail services

Retail services comprises the operations of SeekaFresh and Glassfields.

SeekaFresh handles the distribution and marketing of all non-Zespri supplied produce including collaborative marketing agreements. Along with kiwifruit and avocados, kiwiberry were handled by SeekaFresh in 2014. SeekaFresh allows Seeka to deliver orchardists and international clients a full orchard-to-market service for an expanding range of products. It attracts new grower clients, improves post harvest asset utilisation and diversifies Seeka’s revenue streams.

Glassfields imports tropical fruits, ripens them, and provides a logistics service to the New Zealand retail sector.

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