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Welcome to Seeka's help hub, we're here to help so please get in touch with one of our team members below...


General Manager Growers - Simon Wells


General Manager - Growers

Phone: 07 573 0303
Mobile: 27 277 5250
Fax: 07 573 9831

Simon Wells manages the grower services team for kiwifruit and kiwiberry. Simon is always available to help with any grower related questions or queries.


Chief Technical Officer - Jonathan Dixon


Chief Technical Officer

Phone: 07 549 3061
Mobile: 021 920 247
Fax: 07 549 3703

Jonathan has managed large technical programmes and had extensive experience in working with technical experts in the plant sciences. He is keen to make sure kiwifruit, kiwiberry and avocado technical support for growers is strongly sustained as the heart of Seeka’s Kiwifruit business. 

Organic Category Manager - Hans Dirkse

Phone: 07 573 9812
Fax: 07 573 9805

Previously to joining Seeka, Hans was an auditor for BioGro for over 20 years. Hans has also been an organic kiwifruit and avocado orchardist since 1989. Throughout the kiwifruit industry , Hans has held a number of positions, including membership of Katikati Fruit Growers executive, and  inaugural chairmanship of COKA. Hans is an advocate of all things organic. His focus is to ensure that the organic orchardists’ views are known within the industry, while ensuring that each individual organic orchard reaches it’s full potential.

Kiwiberry Category Manager - Kylie Burt


Kiwiberry Category Manager

Mobile: 0274626565

Kylie began her career at Seeka in 2014 in a technical position, working with Murray Judd and more latterly, Jonathan Dixon. During Kylie’s time in the technical team she has worked with projects on kiwifruit and avocado but took a particular shine to kiwiberry and has worked on a number of trials and projects pertaining to this crop. Kylie grew up in Te Puke, where her family have been involved in the kiwifruit industry as growers, for many years. She graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Applied Science in 2007.

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