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SeekaFresh is recognised as a high quality brand throughout many produce markets. SeekaFresh is a boutique marketer of New Zealand Avocados in Australia and Asian countries. SeekaFresh directly supplies to the large Australian Woolworths retail chain and to independent retailers throughout Australia, along with developing new products for our local New Zealand market.

SeekaFresh is a specialist fresh produce marketer that is delivering premium returns to our Avocado growers. Programmes include sales to New Zealand, Australia and Asia.  Moreover, SeekaFresh have a strong partnership with Fresh Systems in Japan, who have a successful ripening facility in Tokyo providing Japanese consumers with ready-to-eat Avocado's.

SeekaFresh has developed a strong brand following by Australian and Asian retailers and consumers, with the SeekaFresh label recognised as a badge of quality. SeekaFresh also operates robust and valuable domestic marketing channels, and is positioned as a premium product in New Zealand.

More specifically, SeekaFresh:

  • Manages a full local market programme with SeekaFresh labelled Avocados commanding a premium in Australian supermarkets.
  • Has a supply contract with premium Avocados to the large Australian Woolworths retails stores. 
  • Integrated supply chain gives Seeka full control over the supply and quality of SeekaFresh fruit from the orchard gate right through to the consumer, ultimately maximising returns to Seeka Avocado growers. 
  • Operates an on-site oil press that generates value from process-grade avocados, with the option for growers to collect cold-pressed avocado oil.
  • Has Technical Manager, Dr Jonathan Dixon, who is an internationally recognised expert in the growing of avocado trees and the post-harvest handing of avocado fruit.

If you would like to have access to this premium fruit through your local store please contact:

Seekafresh Category Manager
Andrew Wood
Tel: 027 475 1323

Seeka Key

Chief Technical Officer

Jonathan Dixon
Tel: 021 920 247

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Jonathan Dixon

Chief Technical Officer

Jonathan Dixon
Tel: 021 920 247

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