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Executive Team

Bryan Grafas

General Manager Orchard Operations

Bryan has played a part in the industry for the past 35 years. He has been involved in the development of more than 150 hectares of bare land transformed into high performing kiwifruit orchards and has shared ownership in 15 hectares of kiwifruit orchards. Bryan is responsible for the management of 960 hectares of kiwifruit orchards and 50 hectares of avocado orchards spanning from Northland through to the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

Tel: 0275 721 509

Jason Swain

General Manager Information Services

Jason has been part of the industry for 19 years. He started in Post-Harvest operations as a forklift driver and soon moved to managing small sheds and eventually running the Seeka Transpack site. After 10 years of Post-Harvest operations, Jason moved into Information Systems division. Jason is passionate about IT as it is something that provides challenges in an ever changing landscape of technology solutions. He is responsible for all computer solutions, systems and software implemented throughout the company.

Tel: 021 653 696

Kate Bryant

General Manager Supply

Kate has had 19 years’ experience in the kiwifruit industry, focusing on the kiwifruit supply chain. Kate joined Seeka in 2015, and is responsible for the order and supply team. Kate is also a member of the Industry Supply Group (ISG).

Kevin Halliday

General Manager Post Harvest Services

Kevin joined the Seeka team in 2003 through the acquisition of Eleos. Kevin is responsible for all harvest, post-harvest, laboratory and supply operations. Kevin is also responsible for plant maintenance and commercial processes with contractors.

Tel: 021 764 570

Michael Franks

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Before being appointed CEO in December 2006, Michael was Seeka’s Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining Seeka, Michael held various senior finance roles and has more than 25 years commercial experience.

Tel: 021 356 516

Rob Towgood

Commercial Manager

Rob takes over the interface with the Seeka Australian operations and takes the responsibility for planning and construction of new infrastructure in New Zealand. Rob takes direct control of health and safety, contractor compliance, operational compliance and seasonal HR.

Tel: 0274 638 788

Simon Wells

General Manager Growers

Simon Wells is responsible for managing the Grower services team for kiwifruit and kiwiberry.

In the late 80s’, Simon began his career in the industry working on kiwifruit orchards. Simon held orchard management positions for about 20 years. He joined the Seeka team in 2007 where he has held management roles within Post Harvest division. Simon has his own kiwiberry and avocado orchard as well as a share in a developing G3 orchard.

Tel: 0272 775 250

Stuart McKinstry

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Company Secretary

Stuart is responsible for providing financial management reporting services across the company. Stuart has more than 25 years accounting experience in both public practice and industry and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand. He was appointed Chief Financial Officer in 2006 and serves as the Company Secretary. Stuart has been involved in the kiwifruit industry since 1999.

Tel: 021 221 5583

Ray Hook

General Manager Retail Services

Ray joined Seeka in April 2014, following the completion of the Glassfields (NZ) acquisition. Ray is responsible for all day-to-day activities of the Glassfields operation including ripening and distribution of bananas and other fruit and the fresh produce market. Ray has had extensive senior management experience as a CFO, General Manager and CEO in: building and construction, forestry and agricultural production, and horticulture. Prior to joining Seeka Ray was CEO of a Brisbane based company involved in growing, distributing and marketing mangoes, avocados, and seedless watermelon. He also has been a member of the Queensland Government’s Horticultural Industry Development Group.

Tel: 027 6590 006

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