Food Safety & Compliance

British Retail Consortium (BRC)

International food safety program. [in packhouse]

The British Retail Consortium is the lead and the only trade association which covers the whole of the retail industry

Global G.A.P

Sets standards for safe and sustainable agriculture [on orchard]

This standard was a joint project of European retailers where standards for safe and sustainable agriculture are set.


Set standards for export quality

Zespri conduct audits on load out verifications, systems, surveillance, coolstore, packaging in order to meet export standards.


Provide producers with organic certification as an assurance of organic integrity for their customers.

BioGro certification gives producers market access in NZ and to key international markets.

Promotes organics at consumer and trade fairs to ensure that consumers recognise the value of Seeka’s organic status.

Customs Secure Export Service

Offers protection from exports from being tampered with, sabotaged, smuggled, or subjected to other trans-national crimes.

All sites are audited and approved to the customs standard.

The SES is designed to give New Zealand exporters greater certainty at international borders by minimising Customs delays and by giving exporters priority in trade recovery situations.



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