Pack with Seeka

Seeka delivers a full service from orchard to marketer. A professional post harvest team uses the latest packhouse and cool chain technology to minimise costs and maximise the returns for orchard produce.

Benefits of packing with Seeka:

  • Planned and professional harvest scheduling.
  • Innovative harvest equipment.
  • Prompt and detailed packout reporting.
  • Regular technical advice
  • Competitive pack pricing
  • Ongoing research and development in conjunction with external agencies including Plant & Food Research
  • Reliable and accurate financial forecastingwith online reporting that keeps you fully informed
  • The latest post harvest technology and an experienced coolstore management team
  • Access to Seeka's team of experts to keep you up-to-date on industry developments
  • The Seeka Growers Council - Seeka partnership for a fully accountable and commercial service

Our team works hard to ensure all growers receive the cost saving of a larger-scale business, while remaining firmly committed to fulfilling each grower's individual needs.


"The complete grower solution"


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Cameron Jefferies
Tel: 021 244 3828

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Cameron Jefferies


Cameron Jefferies
Tel: 021 244 3828

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