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SeekaFresh is a collaborative marketer of New Zealand Kiwiberry. SeekaFresh supplies Kiwiberry to Australia as well as developing new markets in Asia, Europe and the United States. SeekaFresh is a specialist fresh produce marketer that is delivering premium returns to orchardists.

SeekaFresh has developed a strong brand following by Australian and Asian retailers and consumers, with the SeekaFresh label recognised as a badge of quality. SeekaFresh also operates robust inhouse operations that ensures efficient and effective use of resources and cost structure.

More specifically, SeekaFresh:

  • Manages a full market programme with SeekaFresh labelled Kiwiberries commanding a premium Australian supermarket Woolworths, ultimately optimising returns to Kiwiberry growers.
  • Has high-value export channels for Kiwiberries to Asia, Europe and US.
  • Can adapt quickly to meet the specific requirements of consumers through Seeka's onsite internal resources and expert team.

SeekaFresh Manager
Annmarie Lee
Tel: 021 766 244

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