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SeekaFresh is widely recognised as a high quality brand throughout many produce markets. SeekaFresh is also a leading supplier of New Zealand organic kiwifruit to the large Australian Woolworths retail chain.

SeekaFresh is a specialist fresh produce marketer that is delivering premium returns to orchardists from product lines not handled by Zespri.

SeekaFresh has developed a strong brand by Australian retailers and consumers, with the SeekaFresh label recognised as a badge of quality. SeekaFresh also operates robust and valuable domestic marketing channels, and is positioned as a premium product in New Zealand.

More specifically, SeekaFresh organics:

  • Has a supply contract with premium Australian supermarkets. Providing to more than 700 Woolworths stores with organic kiwifruit on a regular basis, gaining high returns to Seeka's organic growers.
  • Has a integrated supply chain from orchard right through to the market place which ultimately provides more returns to growers.
  • Intergrated supply gives Seeka full control over the supply and quality of organic fruit from the orchard gate right through to the consumer.
  • Packs into Woolworth macro organic brand punnet programme.

If you would like to have access to this premium organic fruit through your local store please contact:

SeekaFresh Manager
Annmarie Lee
Tel: 021 766 244

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