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Technical Expert - Jonathan Dixon

Dr. Jonathan Dixon is an internationally recognised expert in the growing of avocado trees and the post-harvest handing of avocado fruit. He graduated with degrees in horticultural science from Massey University initially focussing on apples and then a wide range of vegetable and fruit crops. Until joining Seeka Kiwifruit Industries Ltd in 2013 he had never worked in the kiwifruit industry. His avocado expertise has been developed through a strong research involvement in New Zealand and California. From 2000 to 2009 he worked as the industry scientist at the Avocado Industry Council and from 2010 to 2013 he was Research Program Director at the California Avocado Commission. Jonathan has travelled extensively to avocado growing regions around the world and has published over 100 research reports, articles on growing avocados, presentations at international conferences and research papers. He maintains close contacts with the California avocado industry and the California Avocado Society. Jonathan has consulted to a number of avocado orchards in the Bay of Plenty since 2005 where new ideas have been implemented that have increased the productivity of the orchards.

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