The Valueplus lease offers a rental income and then profit share after costs are recovered.

Detailed budgets, yield-driven orchard management plans, and regular financial reporting, keep you fully informed.

Your budget specifies where and when all money is spent. This not only includes managing your vines, but also looking after your orchard, including such items as shelter maintenance, weed spraying, and a sustainable fertiliser programme.

Orchard leases typically develop into long-term business relationships. You receive a personal service from a dedicated manager and world-class post harvest services.

Seeka has developed an impressive record for achieving consistently high orchard gate returns — no hidden costs, only real payments made for each bin of submitted fruit. And Seeka’s record for consistently generating high orchard gate returns means your fruit will generate maximum payments over the lifetime of your investment. What’s more your profit-sharing schedule sees your share of income increasing alongside orchard gate returns.

Seeka’s orchard leasing contracts are perfect for driving income from New Zealand’s most productive and profitable export crops.


  • Clear and uncomplicated contract
  • Detailed financial budget
  • Yield-driven orchard management plan
  • Transparent and regular reporting to landowners
  • Costs are paid by Seeka and recoverd from orchard income
  • Regular cash flow to land owners.
  • Maximised orchard gate returns
  • Attention to all compliance requirements e.g. Globalgap, Zespri Kiwigreen, Health & Safety

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