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To help growers optimise both their yields and orchard returns, Seeka has a technical transfer programme under the leadership of Jonathan Dixon. Jonathan runs Seeka’s technical transfer programme in conjunction with our CRM’s and orchard managers. We use field days, grower focus groups, web updates and technical bulletins to provide timely information to our growers to assist with orchard management.

Jonathan graduated with degrees in horticultural science from Massey University initially focussing on apples and then a broad range of other horticultural crops. He has managed large technical programmes and had extensive experience in working with technical experts in the plant sciences.

Jonathan is keen to make sure kiwifruit technical support for growers is strongly sustained as the heart of Seeka’s kiwifruit business. As Seeka expands its portfolio of crops his broad technical horticultural knowledge ensures Seeka keeps its industry leadership on technical issues. He is committed to best transferring information and new ideas to Seeka growers of kiwifruit and other crops. 

Contact Jonathan using the link below for any questions or queries you may have.

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Jonathan Dixon

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Jonathan DixonChief Technical Manager