New Orchard

Good for land owners or investors looking at converting property into a new orchard

If you are looking to invest into kiwifruit, or convert bare land to a high performing orchard - this service is for you. New Orchard Development is a Seeka development programme offered to property owners, investors and progressive land groups, to help de-risk conversion by setting up and establishing a fully operational orchard to annual harvest from bare land.

Seeka has significant experience in developing high performing orchards as new, and assisting in transforming under-performing properties into high growth opportunities. By partnering with Seeka, we help support development with low risk by removing the scary window that exists between where you are now and your first annual harvest returns.

New Orchard Development is possible for all kiwifruit varieties, avocado and other key fruit opportunities. Please contact our team for further information.


New Orchard Development works whereby we enter into a development partnership together, establishing a fully functioning operation. The landowners risk is reduced by having a leading industry player as a key development partner, helping the landowner achieve a fully performing orchard as an outcome.



  • Seeka sets up and develops orchard
  • From greenfield to fully operational orchard
  • De-risking land conversion
  • Investment strategy and reporting
  • Stand-up a new orchard quickly
  • Fast-track development for early returns

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