Property Lease

Good for a new or established orchard being completely run for you

Our Property Lease Programme provides orchard owners an opportunity to step back from the operations of your orchard, letting you retain your asset while having it fully managed for you. Seeka will lease the property from you and manage all of the functions to run the orchard through the season.

An effective operating budget is formed together which details when and where resources are spent. Seeka then runs the property under our leased orchards programme. Orchard property leases typically develop into long-term business relationships.

With property leasing, our success is your shared success. We do the hard work for you and delivery high shared returns. Property leasing contracts are perfect for driving income one of New Zealand’s most productive export crops.


Property leasing works like a typical leasing arrangement. Seeka leases your property from you and runs the property, allowing growers to step back from the day-to-day. This service is also ideal for those seeking succession without giving up their property. This rental model provides returns achieved through Seeka’s comprehensive full turnkey orchard services.


  • Seeka runs the full orchard business
  • A dedicated orchard manager
  • Reporting and forecasting systems
  • Leasing leverages all of Seeka’s capabilities
  • World-class post-harvest services

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