At Seeka, our goal is to provide you with an excellent service you
can trust, so we can help make the most of your avocados.

How can we help make the most of your avocados?

How can we help make the most of your avocados?

Driving production and orchard value.

As a Seeka supplying grower, you are supported by a dedicated team that works to optimise orchard value and returns. With our technical expertise in orchard management, modern post-harvest facilities, distribution, and integrated marketing operations; we can help drive the best price for your avocados. 

Optimising orchard returns.

By integrating our marketing operations, Seeka can coordinate the supply chain to increase your orchard returns. While Australia is our mainstay market, we have invested heavily in Asian market development which continues to grow as we work to reduce the industry’s dependency on our friends across the ditch.

Clear cost structure.

There are no hidden charges at Seeka. That means no fees for cool-storage, in-shed technical advice, Christmas or New Year packing, quality monitoring or GlobalGAP - those are all covered in your base pack price. 

Sustainable avocado production.

At Seeka, we continue to invest heavily in the avocado category - our exceptional team of experienced people keeps growing, as the systems to deliver you the highest returns becomes more refined. Let’s make the most of your Avocados.

The proof.

The proof.


Industy average Orchard Gate Return (OGR per ha)

Seeka partners Orchard Gate Return (OGR per ha)*

Seeka partners Top Orchard Gate Return (OGR per ha)


Industry figures yet to be released



























* excludes orchards in development


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