Pack Types

Seeka can supply kiwifruit in a range of convenient configurations from ready-to-retail clear packs to bulk boxes.

Options include retailer labelling and packaging, or using the distinctive Seeka brand.

Growing Region

Seeka's New Zealand kiwifruit are grown across New Zealand's main orcharding areas ranging from Northland, the Coromandel, the Bay of Plenty, through to the Hawke's Bay.

In Australia, Seeka grows kiwifruit on its orchards in the fruit bowl of Shepparton, Victoria, Australia.


Services Delivered

Seeka is involved on the orchard, at the packhouse and in the market.

We are the largest grower of kiwifruit in New Zealand and Australia, with our post harvest team managing an integrated supply line to our market partners.

Our kiwifruit are available in the distinctive Seeka brand and we also provide branded supply services for our market partners.

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