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The Seeka team are motivated to deliver excellence in everything we do; making bold decisions, working hard and being passionate about what we do are the trademarks of our people.

Driven and determined to improve year on year, our values push for ingenuity, inspiration and an obsession with being the best.

Seeka is fortunate enough to have a team of people that want to see the company succeed, that are invested in the company, and share our values. The extraordinary growth Seeka has experienced is testament to our team willing to push the boundaries just that little bit further.

With teams in Northland, Coromandel and Bay of Plenty and growing from around 400 to 3,000 staff during the kiwifruit season, we're always on the lookout for talented and committed people to join our team.

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Our values

Behaviours we live individually and collectively everyday:

Founded on relationships - Strong mutually beneficial relationships, from grower partnerships to our community of consumers. Excelling at working together.

Quality obsession - A high performance culture that thrives on going the extra mile. Passionate, disciplined and professional.

Inspirational people - We are nothing without the talents of our people. Authentic, skilled and curious - earning respect through our actions.

Growing futures - Intelligent growth and commercial nous underpins our shared prosperity. We embrace and care for our environment, those contributing to the journey and the communities where we operate.

Independently ingenious - We actively encourage inquiring minds and innovative thinking to create value and grow. We take up the challenges and opportunities that come our way.

Safety always - We share the responsibility for creating a safety culture where personal risk taking or exposure has zero tolerance. A heightened sensitivity to protecting the health of the land and its people, identifying potential risk situations and taking corrective actions. Nothing is more important than the personal safety of all engaged with us - nothing!

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