An exciting, new addition to the fresh berry category, Seeka kiwiberries combine the tangy taste of kiwifruit with the ease-of-eating of a berry.

Smooth skinned and packed with vitamins, Seeka kiwiberries are the delicious, easy-to-eat super food found in the chilled berry section of your local retailer.

Seeka handles two varieties of kiwiberry; the early-ripening Marju Red which features a reddish blush, and the larger Tahi Green.

Growing Region

Seeka kiwiberries are grown in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.


Services Delivered

Seeka grows kiwiberries on leased orchards, and also supplies a fully-integrated supply and marketing service for independent growers.

Seeka works with our market partners to deliver a high-quality supply service direct from our supplying orchards, managing product flow to match market conditions.

Seeka kiwiberries are available in Australian and New Zealand supermarkets and wholesale outlets, with new markets being developed in Asia

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