Seeka Grower Council

The Seeka grower council is the grower-controlled supply entity that delivers governance services on behalf of kiwifruit and kiwiberry orchardists supplying Seeka. It determines pool and payment policy, monitors service provision, and authorises all fruit and service payments. 

Benefits for our kiwifruit growers:

  • Grower controlled – all orchardists supplying to Seeka are automatically members of Seeka  Growers and vote in council elections.
  • Governed by the elected grower council.
  • Negotiates service contract with Seeka on commercial terms.
  • Monitors service provision.
  • Controls all payments and grower distributions.
  • Manages grower funds through separate and independent bank accounts.
  • Advocate for orchardists.
  • Audited by PWC.

Chairperson: Chris Jensen
m.  027 272 2930


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