Climate Change

At Seeka a changing climate and an increase in severe weather events is both an opportunity and a threat to the business. This impacts the land and our people and the quantity and quality of the fruit Seeka handles. Seeka is working to assess climate-related risks and impacts and is formulating strategies to ensure the business remains resilient in a changing environment.

Over the past ten years, Seeka has expanded its operations to encompass all major kiwifruit growing areas in New Zealand and to the Goulburn Valley in Australia. Seeka is growing and packing a range of fruit, including kiwifruit, avocado, Kiwiberry, nashi, pears, plums, jujube, persimmons and citrus. By growing diverse ranges of crops in different regions, Seeka is building its knowledge base on how different soil types and climates impact plant health and fruit yields. These learnings are guiding Seeka to adapt orchard practices and guide future development.

Seeka is committed to growing sustainable futures for our employees, growers, communities, and shareholders. Addressing climate change and creating appropriate mitigation and adaption strategies is core to enabling a sustainable future. These climate disclosures provide insight to Seeka’s stakeholders on what risks and opportunities lie ahead of the Company, and how Seeka is building resilience in a changing environment.

Seeka's Climate Disclosure can be viewed here

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