Corporate Governance

Seeka considers that conducting business ethically, and in line with our legal and regulatory framework, will deliver the best outcomes for our growers, clients, employees, shareholders and the communities we operate in.

Seeka’s corporate governance follows the eight principles of the NZX Corporate Governance Best Practice Code.

Board Committee and Charters

Seeka’s Board Charter outlines how the Board acts in the best interest of the company and works to deliver benefits to stakeholders and grow shareholder returns.

Board Charter

Board committees allow the Board to efficiently and effectively carry out key governance functions.

Audit and Risk Committee

A permanent committee.

Chair: Ashley Waugh, John Burke, Fred Hutchings.

Audit and Risk Committee Charter


A permanent committee.

Chair: Cecilia Tarrant, John Burke, Fred Hutchings.

Sustainability Committee Charter

Remuneration Committee

A permanent committee.

Chair: Fred Hutchings, Peter Cross, Cecilia Tarrant.

Remuneration Committee Charter


Established as required.

Nominations Committee Charter

Takeovers Committee

Established as required and to be comprised of independent Directors.

Corporate Governance Statement

Corporate Governance Report 2020


Sustainability Report 2020

Governance Policies

Code of Ethics

Dividend Policy

Insider Trading Policy

Risk Management Policy

Diversity Policy

Continuous Disclosure Policy

Company Constitution



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