Based in the Goulburn Valley, just north of Shepparton, Our Seeka Australia team has over 25 years of experience ensuring you get the best possible results.

Post-Harvest Services

Maximise your fruit quality by partnering with a post-harvest facility that is quality-obsessed! Seeka Australia’s post-harvest facilities utilise modern Compac and Zetapack graders to deliver optimal results for the fruit we handle.

Contract packing

Seeka Australia offers various packing and grading options, from bulk 18kg cartons down to 2kg single layer trays and multiple punnet types, in both fibre and plastic. We can pack kiwifruit, pears, nashi, stone fruit and citrus.


Seeka Key

Jonathan Van Popering

Jonathan Van Popering

If you would like to learn more about our packing services and facilities contact:

Jonathan Van PoperingSeeka Australia General Manager - Operations
+61 4 2980 1806