Bulk avocado oil

Sourced locally from our Bay of Plenty orchards in New Zealand, Delicious Nutritious Food Company's Premium Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is cold pressed from the flesh of Avocado fruit graded from 100% New Zealand export grown fruit. 


Avocado Oil has a variety of both culinary and cosmetic uses with a growing interest in the pharmaceutical industry. Avocado Oil has one of the highest smoke points, making it an ideal healthy cooking option which won't break down and produce harmful compounds when heated.  Using cold pressed extraction, the unrefined AVOCADO oil retains the colour and flavour the flesh it is well known for, providing a perfect addition to vegetable dishes including salads.  Our Avocado Oil has no preservatives or additives as it contains 100% avocado oil.


Bottled Avocado Oil is available in:

•  250ml bottles

•  500ml bottles

•  4L containers

We also supply bulk avocado oil in 1000 IBC’s or discuss with us your requirements.

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