Bulk kiwifruit pulp

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Sourced from the best kiwifruit growing regions in New Zealand, our hand-graded kiwifruit is processed in a facility which follows HACCP principles for Food Safety.

Seedless kiwifruit pulp

Prepared from fresh green and gold kiwifruit, graded and processed into a smooth consistent pulp before being frozen.

Available in

  • 14kg plastic bucket
  • 18kg polyethylene bag in corrugated carton
  • 20kg plastic bucket

Freeze dried powder - kiwifruit and lemon

The fruit is graded, washed, pulped, screened (to remove seeds and skin), freeze-dried and milled into fine powder. No preservatives or additives.

Kiwifruit based drinks

Kiwi Crush is a range of 100% natural green and gold kiwifruit based drinks. Learn more here.

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