Seeka’s fully-integrated orchard-to-market service is delivering premium produce to leading retailers and wholesalers, both in New Zealand and overseas. By being directly involved in every step of the supply chain, our market partners get a secure supply of high-quality products.

At Seeka, we grow, pick, pack, coolstore, supply and sell directly to our retail and wholesale customers. We are the local experts in producing high-value crops, and operate a large-scale, quality-driven supply service.

With Seeka, our customers get the service they need to drive a successful sales programme.

Because we own and operate the post-harvest facilities, we can pack directly into your branded retail packs, or supply under the distinctive Seeka brand which is gaining a strong following amongst consumers and produce handlers.

Our New Zealand product lines include kiwifruit, Kiwiberries and Hass avocados, with the new GEM™ avocado variety currently in development. From our Australian orchards, we are the country’s largest producer of Hayward kiwifruit and Nashi pears and also produce a range of European pears and plums.

Through our Delicious Nutritious Food Company, we also supply a range of products such as Kiwi Crush and Kiwi Crushies. These are produced from processed kiwifruit pulp.

In the New Zealand domestic market, we operate a wholesale market and distribution service in Auckland specialising in fresh fruit and vegetables and seasonal produce. This includes the selling of our own grown kiwifruit, Kiwiberries and avocados. We import, ripen and handle tropical fruits including banana, pineapple and papaya and sell a large variety of fresh fruit and vegetables on behalf of our partner growers.

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