Our Health and Safety Commitment

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Seekas SAFETY ALWAYS program aims to ensure all staff have healthy lives in and out of the work place. Safety to us is about making work a place where people arrive healthy and leave healthy – with everyone contributing to workplace safety. We want our people to be healthy, live with balance and go home safe from work every day.

We are committed to ensuring that legislation is met in all areas of our business. With safety being the operative word, we do not cut corners. We take safety seriously.

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Safety Always is one of our six brand values and one we are committed to.

From the fruit we produce, to the work environment and practices that deliver our fruit and the people that are involved along the way; we are committed to health and safety of our food, environment and people.



Personal safety of all those working for us or on our behalf is paramount, there is nothing more important on the orchard or in the packhouse. All visitors and contractors must follow the Seeka Health and Safety practices and guidlines.


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Our Health & Safety Commitment Statement

Our Health & Safety
& Wellbeing Commitment

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Our Wellness Strategy