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New Bins for 2014
1 February 2014
New Bins for 2014

The first Seeka kiwiberry harvest will also see the launch of the new Seeka Composite modular bin. 

The New Zealand company TCI NZ and Seeka have worked together over the last few years to develop a durable and robust bin that can be used for kiwiberry, kiwifruit and avocados. A process of intense review and refinement has resulted in an innovative approach that incorporates the best features of a plastic bin, with a smooth fruit-friendly surface with the added strength of steel components. Wooden bearers have been moulded into the unit to reduce slippage on the steel decks of trucks and in the loading yard. Plastic bins are used extensively overseas in horticultural industries, but this composite bin has been designed to best suit the needs and practices of New Zealand fruit growing. The bin dimensions are similar to those of the standard wooden bin and are well suited to orchard and packhouse handling requirements. 
Seeka’s grower relations manager Simon Wells has been involved the development of the bin and as a kiwiberry orchardist is delighted with the result. Kiwiberry will be picked into plastic picking buckets that hold 5 to 6 kg of fruit. Smooth skinned kiwiberry are susceptible to physical damage at harvest and so the surface of these buckets is well suited to eliminating this damage. The picking buckets fit onto a harness that is worn by the pickers, affording a comfortable, stable harvest system. These buckets will stack neatly into the new composite modular bins for safe and convenient transport to the packhouse. 2000 of the Seeka Composite bins will be used for the 2014 kiwifruit season. The bins are easy to sanitise which is important for Psa containment, with smooth internal surfaces that are ideal for fruit handling. The bins also lock into one another affording neat and safe stacks. Testing has stacked these bins 9 high without issue. This new bin offers a safe, efficient logistical unit to handle kiwifruit, avocados and kiwiberries.

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